Welcome to the elite brand of Jameson Kane; all that is rich, reserved and aristocratic.

Jameson Kane is a Toronto based company that was founded in 2012. Genevieve Pearson is an Ottawa native and the creative force behind the brand. After moving to Toronto and being introduced to a business acquaintance, she decided to take her passion for design and turn it into a women’s fashion label. The result was an aristocratic outerwear and accessory brand that consistently has heads turning. Born right out of the Toronto Fashion Incubator, Jameson Kane was quick to hit the Toronto Fashion scene. The label was chosen as a finalist to compete in the TFI New Labels Competition 2012, launching the brand’s debut collection. Today, Jameson Kane is a proud Canadian company, ensuring all products are 100% Canadian made.

Genevieve is an Ottawa native who had the vision to become a fashion designer at a very young age. In elementary school, a motivational speaker told the class to write their dream careers on a piece of paper, and if they kept it, each student’s career choice would come true. Today, Genevieve still has that paper as well as her passion and dedication as a fashion designer and business owner. Following high school, she attended Richard Robinson’s School of Haute Couture in Ottawa and continued on to graduate from Ryerson University’s Fashion Design program in Toronto. After working for and being mentored by other Canadian designers for many years, Genevieve decided it was time to branch off on her own and started Jameson Kane.